Investor Resources

Calgary is a rapidly expanding city, and investors are no stranger to the goldmine of opportunities in Calgary. YYC Real Estate Advisors has compiled this page to provide you with helpful information when it comes to investing in real estate. Our goal is to provide the objective guidance you need while developing your investment plan. We're not biased in favour of any building or developer; our only motivation is to give you the best information possible.

We update this page with more information on a regular basis, so be sure to bookmark this page as a resource. Additionally, speaking to a Realtor directly can be a great way to discover the information you need and receive advice specifically tailored to your situation. Click here to arrange an appointment; we'd be happy to help you at any point in your investment process.

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Secondary Suites

Every city has a different take on what to do with secondary suites. Calgary is hot and cold on the matter; Mayor Nenshi wants to create density inner city, and secondary suites are a good solution to that. However, only certain areas of the city are zoned for secondary suite construction. Once you have passed the zoning hurtle, there is compliance with safety standards and building codes. This page is designed to give you a head start on all secondary suite information. Find out more about secondary suites in Calgary.

Land Use Districts

A land use district is important when considering investment because it determines what you can do with the property you own, or how you might have to change it. The information a land use district gives you determines the type of business you can run, whether you can have a secondary suite, and more.This list is perfect if you know the zone you'd like to invest in. Follow the links by each one to learn about the specific regulations surrounding that district. The most common land use districts, especially for developing secondary suites, are Residential and Multi-Residential. If you would like to see expanded descriptions from the city's website, click here.