Top Calgary Parks & What They Mean For Your Community

Posted by Kamil Lalji on Friday, September 22nd, 2017 at 12:57pm.

Having a beautiful park near your home is a game changer. Beautiful views, immense opportunity for recreation and the wonderful smell of nature among you. These select parks we find are the most beautiful and provide the most opportunity for you. Having these parks near you also can raise your home’s value, largely.

Fish Creek Provincial Park is the second largest urban park in Canada and one of the largest in North America. The park features walking paths, hiking/biking trails, day camping facilities, an artificial lake for swimming, trees and tons of wildlife. In your adventures enjoy real natural wildlife with deer, beavers and even owls flying around you. Other wonderful opportunities that are available are the picnicking and forest areas. These are used for exploring and eating. The lake is manmade and drained during the winter months which allow it to be used for swimming. If you ever get hungry nearby there are ample choices for food as well. The Park is beautiful and noted as an amazing place to be. Living anywhere near this lake would increase property value. Communities that have this experience at their fingertips include, Sundance, Cranston, Auburn Bay, Mckenzie Towne, Midnapore, Walden, Legacy and Lake Bonavista.

Prince's Island Park is an urban park in the city of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It is developed on an island on the Bow River, immediately north of downtown Calgary. The park is compared to New Yorks central park with its beautiful scenery and ample green space. This is a great area to bring friends or family. This is a sure bonus to your property value to be near this glorious park. It gives you a chance to be by the city but still have that comfortable essence of nature around. Surrounding communities are Eau Claire, Sunnyside, Crescent Heights and the Belt.

Bowness Park is a huge space on the Bow River. It is popular in the summer for picnics and boating, and in winter for ice skating on the lagoon and the canal which feeds it. The area today is still in redevelopment and is used extensively for skating, boating and picnics. The area is super peaceful and even has a playground. You can’t go wrong with Bowness Park.  Communities around the area are Greenwood/Greenbriar, Scenic Acres, Bowness, Ranchlands, Silver Springs and Valley Ridge.

The Inglewood Bird Sanctuary is a place you need to make sure to bring your binoculars to. The area is a magnificent escape from the city, boasting nature with wildlife right above your very head. The area features several bridges, beautiful trails and places to stop and relax. The area makes sure to deliver by taking you out of the city element and bringing you straight to nature. Communities within easy reach of the park are Inglewood, Ramsay, Mill Estate, Highfield and Manchester.

Confederation Park is a developed park located near Mount Pleasant, Capitol Hill, Collingwood and Highland Park. The park brings many opportunities for recreation and available amenities for the communities nearby. The park features picnic tables, toboggan hills, cycle paths, tennis courts and baseball diamonds.  The area is known for its beauty and is home to many wedding photos. There is skiing in the park and the connected golf course in the winter. The park is also very decorative during holidays, even hosting the Christmas Light Display in December and January. Also within immediate reach is the Queens Park Village. Make sure to visit this wonderful park

Living among these parks in the nearby communities brings immense benefits. For one you receive the sights of nature right by your home. This is a huge benefit as for one if you live in a suburban area or near the city, the sight of trees, water and wildlife can be very pleasant. The parks hold events and have ample activities for all to engage in. These can range from picnics, Christmas shows, swimming, hikes, biking, community events and much more. These are just five parks in Calgary we thought were beautiful and worth noting. Calgary has a plethora of more beautiful parks and playgrounds available to the city as well. Living near the more equipped parks can really raise the property value of your home as with all the outdoor amenities, beautiful views and wildlife around your home is bound to go up in value.

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