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Underdeveloped and over-budget. Can you guess what it is? Claimed to be ”one of the biggest public transit infrastructure projects in, actually, North America” by Marc Logan, Calgary’s general manager of transportation, the Green Line LRT project is becoming a headache for anyone who chooses to listen.

Just a few short months ago, the City of Calgary announced changes for the Green Line LRT project. What were these changes you ask?

Money and Location

Originally budgeted for $4.5 billion, the city announced the budget had increased to $4.65 billion. Now $150 million may not seem like a lot when you think of the scale of the project, but the city also announced this increased budget would only cover less than half of stations originally

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manhattan lofts

Recently, the Beltline community of Calgary has been apart of Nenshi’s 1st St major rejuvenation plan, giving the community more classy, uptown status. 1st Street runs right through the heart of the Beltline, and is undergoing updates to make the area feel modern while maintaining its historical roots.

One of the biggest construction projects on first street that was completed just a little while ago is the 1st St SW Underpass. This underpass has the highest pedestrian use of all Centre City at 9,500 pedestrians per day, and it was in major need of a renovation.The CP Railway continues to travel overhead, with aesthetically historic CPR architecture alongside it.

1st st sw underpass,

The project enhancements included

-new sidewalks and guardrails

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*Screengrab courtesy of The City of Calgary's Website.


What do the words green and belt have in common? Attach the word ‘line’ at the end of each and they become important pieces of infrastructure within the city of Calgary. The now most favourable route for the upcoming Green Line LRT construction will be mostly underground tunnels. While the fully tunneled option is certainly the most expensive- and will therefore have the most strain on taxpayers pockets- it’s an investment that will be well worth it in the end outcome. A big concern for city designers was making as minimal an impact as possible on the urban charm of areas like Inglewood and the Beltline while still making the stations accessible. There is expected to be two stops which

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Green Line LRTWhen looking for the right home, a common concern is the neighbourhoods train access. With the announcement of the Green Line, Light Rail Transit (LRT) many heads have been turning. It will be 46km long and will almost double the size of the current LRT system. The Green Line will connect communities between Seton and Keystone to downtown.

The current LRT system can get very packed as it is so limited. This will open a plethora of options for many Calgarians. An expected total of 90,000 – 140,000 commuters are expected to use the Green Line every single day.

The Green Line when constructed will provide access to employment centres, recreation centres, the National Music Centre, Central Library, Stampede Park, South Health Campus, and will pass

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Downtown Calgary is a must-see when visiting the city of Calgary.

Recent events in American politics have caused a stir here in Canada. You’ve seen it before – the tweets exclaiming something along the lines of “I’m moving to Canada if Trump wins,” or the surge in the google search term, “move to Canada.” While we may chuckle at these trends from across the border, the reality is that Americans are actually choosing to live amongst their northern neighbours. More and more US citizens have been flocking to Canada in search of a country with more stable, tolerant, and humanitarian conditions (the free health care doesn’t hurt, either). Of course, where better to live in Canada than right here in Calgary? With easy access to the iconic Rocky Mountains, a range of living options, and activities available for any

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On Thursday, April 14th, the city of Calgary will be holding a public auction to sell properties with over three years of outstanding tax arrears. Over 150 properties will be offered for bidding, spanning a large range of sizes, descriptions, and locations. A full list of the land parcels available for sale can be downloaded at this link. The civic address, roll number, legal description, outstanding taxes, and conditions of sale for each property are currently posted, and the reserve bids will be revealed by March 31st.

If you are planning to bid on a property, keep in mind that the land is being offered on an “as is, where is” basis. The city of Calgary will not offer any warranty to cover issues with the quality of the properties. Additionally,

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Real Estate Off the Record


Are you interested in an opportunity to learn unconventional real estate advice from the experts, explore a homeowners tradeshow, and enter to win $10,000 in cash? Real Estate Off The Record: Uncensored Advice on Buying, Selling, and Investing is the event for you!

On Saturday, April 23rd, CIR Realty will be hosting Real Estate Off the Record at the International Arena in Winsport. The day will begin at 9:30 AM with a small homeowners’ tradeshow, featuring local vendors from the Best My Nest program. At 11:15, the main event kicks off: a seminar featuring unfiltered and unconventional advice about all aspects of real estate, from financing tips to home search strategies. The speakers will include Jeff Kahane from Kahane Law, Lindsey Smith from

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calgary busThere is currently a great deal of controversy in Calgary over the upcoming Southwest Transitway project. This week, a public meeting on the project resulted in verbal and physical assault against city staff, prompting Mayor Nenshi to cancel future face-to-face consultations in favour of town halls conducted over the internet. Such intense controversy might prompt you to wonder whether the Southwest Transitway will affect the value of your property if you live in the vicinity of a planned BRT station. At this phase in the development process, it is possible to make some predictions about the positive and negative implications of the BRT.

The most obvious positive outcome of a BRT station being constructed close to your home is the convenience in terms

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