Bringing Homes Into the Digital Era: Is Smart Technology a Smart Choice?

Posted by on Thursday, August 24th, 2017 at 3:39pm.

Are you wondering if installing digital technology in your home is a smart choice? For many homeowners, the answer is yes. Improving your home with smart technology can make your home more user-friendly and improve your daily life. If you have an elderly relative or someone who needs certain accommodations, smart technology can also be the right choice for them because many of the systems are able to be controlled remotely through smart phones and tablets. You may even be able to control your home with your voice, providing you have the right supplemental technology.

Benefits of Smart Home Technology

  • Better Accessibility

  • Improved Safety and Security

  • Increased Home Value

  • Less Energy Waste

  • Remote Access via Your Smart Phone

Technologically Advanced Home Security

Today's security systems are WiFi enabled and “smart”. They feature cameras and motion detectors that can be accessed via your smart phone with a special app. These apps allow you to arm and disarm the system as well as view live camera feeds.

When the system is armed and detects movement or a door or window opening, it sends an alert to your phone. When you open the application, the program allows you to view your home through the cameras in order to detect any intruders and call the police.

Convenient Entertainment

WiFi enabled TVs and sound systems can be controlled via your smart phone or a voice control system. Some systems even allow you to switch devices as you move through your home. For example, if you are watching TV in your living room and need to move to the bedroom, you can instruct your system to turn on the TV in your bedroom to the station you are currently watching and turn off the TV in your living room.

Automated Energy-Efficient Lighting

Smart light bulbs allow you to control your home lighting via an app on your phone. This means that you do not have to get up to dim your lights or turn them off while you are at home, and if you are away, you can control your lights remotely in order to save money or make it look like you are home even when you are out running errands or away for an extended period of time.

Keyless Entry Smart Locks

Battery powered smart locks give you access to your home even if you do not have your keys. These locks come with a variety of different styles and features. Some smart locks allow you to unlock and lock your exterior doors via your smart phone. Others may include a keypad that requires a code, and since they are battery powered, they are not hampered by power outages.

Smart Appliances

Smart appliances are becoming more popular and are now being offered by numerous major appliance brands. These appliances are WiFi enabled and contain computer chips to allow you to remotely control many of your home appliances, including your washer, dryer, coffee maker, refrigerator and dishwasher.

Smart Thermostats

WiFi enabled thermostats allow you to control the temperature of your home without physically touching the thermostat. From an application on your phone, computer or dedicated tablet, you can increase or decrease your indoor temperature and program your thermostat. Additional sensors either within your home or within your thermostat may also allow you to monitor the air quality for carbon dioxide and particulate matter that could increase your indoor allergy symptoms.

Better Accessibility for Seniors

If you live in a multi-generational household with grandparents or aging parents, smart home controls can help make your home safer and more comfortable. Smart phone and tablet apps can help keep them connected to friends, family and medical personnel, and when the system is connected to a medical alert service, the individual can call for help if they get injured in the home or experience a medical emergency when no one else is home.

Bringing your home into the digital era is a smart choice when you want to improve the overall function and comfort of your home. With just the tap of a button or your voice, you can control your indoor air temperature, your lights and even your coffee maker in the morning. You also enjoy peace of mind with a smart home security system that you can monitor from anywhere.

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