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It's an age old, futile debate- Calgary or Edmonton? We decided to make our own comparison based on 4 factors: weather, nature, urban life, and housing market.



Calgary, while claiming to be a moderate climate, has about 8 months of winter per year. The summer months can be lovely, but they’re short lived comparing to our neighbours in BC or our Ontarian companions out East. BUT, who can forget Leonardo DiCaprio's infamous shock and awe upon his discovery of chinooks.


Edmonton, in the Winter months especially, is cold. There’s no skirting around that one. And unlike Calgary, you don’t get a break from the relentless sting of Jack Frost via lovely, warm chinooks. Even their football team is called "The Edmonton

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What is the #1 factor that we look for in a neighbourhood? Some might say community amenities, some might say cleanliness, but these all come second to one very important feature: safety. We rank safety as our #1 priority. It's hugely important for obvious reasons; you want to rest assured that you and your family are not in harms way. Calgary had recently been declared one of the safest cities in all of Western Canada in 2014, and our crime rate is impressively low. According to Avenue Calgary Magazine, Calgarians also rated safety as the #1 most important quality for a neighborhood. It makes sense that having low crime rates is a requirement for anyone hoping to find a new neighbourhood to live in.

Research shows that communities closer to the

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Luxury homes are apart of that sweet, rich, American dream. They showcase outdoor tennis courts, home movie theaters, elevators, glorious kitchens, and they're chock full of luxurious appliances. Calgary, as a top Canadian city, holds some of the finest properties in Canada. Homes of this caliber are all unique in style and amenities, and the rich city culture combined with stunning mountain views brings the unique Calgarian twist. Investors, international buyers, and Canadians alike are looking to take advantage of the weak economy, especially in Alberta's vulnerable state. So, if you’ve recently inherited lot of money, looking to spoil yourself, or are simply curious of the possibilities, check out these luxurious Calgary homes.

Kestrel Ridge

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manhattan lofts

Recently, the Beltline community of Calgary has been apart of Nenshi’s 1st St major rejuvenation plan, giving the community more classy, uptown status. 1st Street runs right through the heart of the Beltline, and is undergoing updates to make the area feel modern while maintaining its historical roots.

One of the biggest construction projects on first street that was completed just a little while ago is the 1st St SW Underpass. This underpass has the highest pedestrian use of all Centre City at 9,500 pedestrians per day, and it was in major need of a renovation.The CP Railway continues to travel overhead, with aesthetically historic CPR architecture alongside it.

1st st sw underpass,

The project enhancements included

-new sidewalks and guardrails

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 suites, stairs

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The City of Calgary is, to say the least, a little indecisive about it’s feelings towards secondary suites. There are specific zones in Calgary which are allowed secondary suites. To find out if you are in a zone to be able to develop a secondary suite, type your address into the property information tool found on the City of Calgary’s web page. Each zone also has slightly different rules and regulations on how a secondary suite can be constructed.

What is a secondary suite exactly? A secondary suite is a self-contained dwelling unit on a property which has separate living, cooking, sleeping, and bathroom areas as the main unit.

Secondary suites are beneficial, especially to the growing city population of

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calgary greenline, beltline greenline, calgary lrt, Calgary

*Screengrab courtesy of The City of Calgary's Website.


What do the words green and belt have in common? Attach the word ‘line’ at the end of each and they become important pieces of infrastructure within the city of Calgary. The now most favourable route for the upcoming Green Line LRT construction will be mostly underground tunnels. While the fully tunneled option is certainly the most expensive- and will therefore have the most strain on taxpayers pockets- it’s an investment that will be well worth it in the end outcome. A big concern for city designers was making as minimal an impact as possible on the urban charm of areas like Inglewood and the Beltline while still making the stations accessible. There is expected to be two stops which

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Donald Trump. Whether you love him or hate him, the man is officially President, and one of the first moves he’s made in office is the reimplementation of constructing the Keystone XL Pipeline. While Trudeau and Notley may be thinly veiling their environmental concern and approving the pipeline’s go-ahead, Trump’s move will bring Alberta what we’ve been waiting for: Jobs. The Calgary Real Estate Board’s 2017 Forecast explained in detail how Calgary has suffered from the shocking 10% unemployment rate, from the dramatic net migration outside of the Calgary city limits to the tightened economic budgets cross-province. Mayor Nenshi has even been quoted saying that Calgary currently has the highest unemployment rate of Canadian cities.


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I’ve often walked into the room of a dark, unfamiliar space and done the Light Dance. This dance occurs when your vision is compromised by the dark, your legs are still planted in the lighted hallway, and your hand is pawing at the wall until you find the light switch. I’m sure I’m not the only one to have done this particular dance, and often this happens from a lack of thoughtful design. Thoughtful design focuses on all aspects of a space. From the way the furniture is arranged, to the small details- like the accessibility of a light switch- thoughtful design is the impetus for the creation of the feeling that home buyers are after. In other words, thoughtful design is the key to selling livability.

Each fixture, placement, and architectural

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With the new year having barely started, 2017 is chock full of potential for new opportunities. It’s an old real estate saying that spring is a good time to sell your home, and with spring just a few months away, now is the time to think about selling. The first step to selling your home is to hire a Realtor®, but they can’t just be any person off the street. They should exhibit the skills of an agent worthy enough to sell your home. So, what makes a good Realtor®? Here are five qualities that a successful Agent should exhibit.

  1. Reliable- Reliability is a key factor when choosing an Agent. Do they have a certified Realtor® license? Are they actually watching out for their clients’ interest, or are they simply working to get the best deal for

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When looking at homes the kitchen is always a hot spot. A well done kitchen increases value and persuades many Buyers. However, there are a few key factors to look for with regards to kitchens.

  1. Appliances – If the appliances are out of date expect renovations going toward the kitchen. Another issue that arises is the stove, some people prefer gas and some electric. If you do receive a stove you dislike or unfashionable appliances, expect some work to be done and some money to be spent. To keep the kitchen modern you need to look for appliances that are built in. Keep in mind you will want space around the appliances so you have room to get down to business.
  2. Natural Light – Nowadays we feel natural light is in high demand. A kitchen with white
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