5 Advantages to Buying an Inner City Townhouse in 2017

Posted by Kamil Lalji on Wednesday, September 20th, 2017 at 4:30pm.

Whether you are thinking about owning in downtown or already do, these are the top 5 reasons why owning an inner city townhouse is a great investment in today’s real estate market.

1. Affordability

Attached homes in downtown Calgary are an amazing alternative to detached living, especially in Calgary’s inner city. At a fraction of the price for a detached home, buyers can find more value dollar for dollar on a spacious townhome. On the flipside, long-term investments in Calgary’s city center have a massive potential for appreciation. Without spending a fortune on a detached home, or being adversely affected by the oversaturation of apartment real estate, townhome owners are living best of both worlds

2. Maintenance Free Lifestyle

Enjoy condo living without the cramped quarters. Unlike condo owners, townhouse residents actually own the land they live on without worrying about any of the exterior maintenance. Another perk of owning a townhome is the team of other homeowners and professionals planning and forecasting both expected and unexpected repairs to your home.

3. Amenities and Extras

Whether it’s taking a walk in Princess Island Park or stopping for lunch on 17th avenue, Calgary’s food and entertainment district is never a disappointment. Living just minutes from this diverse city center allows for one than one way to spend your weekend off or your night out.

4. Time Savings

Commuting is hard! No one wants to spend an hour getting to work, just to spend another trying to get home at the end of the day. Not to mention the stress that comes with it. Let’s just say on average you spend 2 hours a day driving too and from work… 5 days a week… 52 weeks a year… minus two weeks’ vacation… divided by 24 hours in a day… that’s OVER 20 STRAIGHT DAYS OF DRIVING IN A YEAR!!! Need I say more?

5. Increased Security

Some people may not believe me when I say this but… neighbors are a good thing. Townhome communities typically have a bit more comradery among residents then let’s say condo or detached communities. Residents tend to see each other more, say hi, make friends, and notice when something is out of whack. Neighbors will usually watch for any unusual noise or activity, meaning communities such as there typically have a more secure environment. That combined with well-lit areas and security gates, should leave you with a sense of safety for you and your family members.

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