September 2017

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What is the best feature of your home? Is it the double car garage or the spectacular view from the main floor kitchen? Putting a price on the more ‘subjective’ features of your home can be difficult. You may love how your spacious garage allows you to escape the fringed cold in the dead of winter, but the next person may be willing to walk through ten feet of snow just to get a glimpse of that breathtaking view.

Both buyers and sellers need to be aware of these qualities in order to make the best out of their investment. Knowing what to look for when searching for your next home could give you the advantage you need when it comes time to sell, even in a buy’s market. Here are a few of the most sought after, ‘subjective’ features to keep an eye out

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It’s investment time people! As mentioned in previous posts the Green Line is… well it’s kind of all over the place. The good news is that each step brings us closer to knowing what neighborhoods in Calgary will see new transit stations, and when!

With 14 out of the proposed 28 stations approved for the first phase of construction, we finally have some insight on how you can benefit from this multi-billion dollar construction deal. By December 2024, stage 1 will nearly be complete. That may seem like a long timeline but smart investors know that with each coming year, real estate prices will match the increase in demand for these sought after neighborhoods.

The question is, how can you get a piece of the deal? The ideal investment is a tricky

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Having a beautiful park near your home is a game changer. Beautiful views, immense opportunity for recreation and the wonderful smell of nature among you. These select parks we find are the most beautiful and provide the most opportunity for you. Having these parks near you also can raise your home’s value, largely.

Fish Creek Provincial Park is the second largest urban park in Canada and one of the largest in North America. The park features walking paths, hiking/biking trails, day camping facilities, an artificial lake for swimming, trees and tons of wildlife. In your adventures enjoy real natural wildlife with deer, beavers and even owls flying around you. Other wonderful opportunities that are available are the picnicking and forest areas. These

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Our favorite topic of the day/week/month/year/decade... Calgary’s Green Line project has some new updates! Don’t get exited just yet, as we said before and we will say again, nothing is ever set in stone.


Today’s news comes straight from city council. On Tuesday, council passed a vote 12-3 approving the green line route and stations despite raised concerns with project costs and funding. Mac Logan, the city’s general manager of transportation stating “This line will shape the city for over a century. I’m absolutely sure of that.”

What’s next? Ward 12 Councillor, Shane Keating, claims the province was waiting for this vote before making any commitments to help fund the project. With Nenshi claiming that indicators from the province have been

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Whether you are thinking about owning in downtown or already do, these are the top 5 reasons why owning an inner city townhouse is a great investment in today’s real estate market.

1. Affordability

Attached homes in downtown Calgary are an amazing alternative to detached living, especially in Calgary’s inner city. At a fraction of the price for a detached home, buyers can find more value dollar for dollar on a spacious townhome. On the flipside, long-term investments in Calgary’s city center have a massive potential for appreciation. Without spending a fortune on a detached home, or being adversely affected by the oversaturation of apartment real estate, townhome owners are living best of both worlds

2. Maintenance Free Lifestyle


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