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Recently, the Beltline community of Calgary has been apart of Nenshi’s 1st St major rejuvenation plan, giving the community more classy, uptown status. 1st Street runs right through the heart of the Beltline, and is undergoing updates to make the area feel modern while maintaining its historical roots.

One of the biggest construction projects on first street that was completed just a little while ago is the 1st St SW Underpass. This underpass has the highest pedestrian use of all Centre City at 9,500 pedestrians per day, and it was in major need of a renovation.The CP Railway continues to travel overhead, with aesthetically historic CPR architecture alongside it.

1st st sw underpass,

The project enhancements included

-new sidewalks and guardrails

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*Photo courtesy of Reiner Girsh

The City of Calgary is, to say the least, a little indecisive about it’s feelings towards secondary suites. There are specific zones in Calgary which are allowed secondary suites. To find out if you are in a zone to be able to develop a secondary suite, type your address into the property information tool found on the City of Calgary’s web page. Each zone also has slightly different rules and regulations on how a secondary suite can be constructed.

What is a secondary suite exactly? A secondary suite is a self-contained dwelling unit on a property which has separate living, cooking, sleeping, and bathroom areas as the main unit.

Secondary suites are beneficial, especially to the growing city population of

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*Screengrab courtesy of The City of Calgary's Website.


What do the words green and belt have in common? Attach the word ‘line’ at the end of each and they become important pieces of infrastructure within the city of Calgary. The now most favourable route for the upcoming Green Line LRT construction will be mostly underground tunnels. While the fully tunneled option is certainly the most expensive- and will therefore have the most strain on taxpayers pockets- it’s an investment that will be well worth it in the end outcome. A big concern for city designers was making as minimal an impact as possible on the urban charm of areas like Inglewood and the Beltline while still making the stations accessible. There is expected to be two stops which

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