November 2016

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Big moves were made when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his cabinet decided to sign off on two major pipelines. The pipelines are the Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline and Enbridge’s Line 3. However, Trudeau did reject the Northern Gateway pipeline. These pipelines will increase the amount of oilsands Alberta can send to its markets. The NEB believes that oil production in 2040 will be 56% higher then it is now. 

Trudeau made it clear that he still believes Canada is a “climate leader”, and made sure to emphasize Alberta has a plan for its greenhouse gas emissions. Trudeau believes the pipelines would not do a lot of damage under the plans. He stated “if he thought this project was unsafe for the BC coast I would reject it”. He based his

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Humans are very diverse; we have different abilities, sizes and preferences. With this in mind why is our environment catered to what we call the “average person”. With the correct rules and bylaws we can enable everyone to be successful and have no obstacles in their way. When building do it the right way so all people are abled for easy access to all they need. “In the past, design professionals may not have realized that when a disability meets a barrier, it creates a handicap” – George Covington

The Minimum Requirements:

Accessible Building Entrance

There has to be one or more entrance to the building on an accessible route. Clear of any obstruction and has to be continuous so someone in wheelchair can navigate it easily. If person has

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