September 2016

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Are you new to the area? Do you need to brush up on your by-laws? If you’re looking for information about these responsibilities as a neighbor, follow our guide. The topics today are trees, fences and noise by-laws.

When planting trees there are a few guidelines you need to follow. Hedges, tree and shrubs must be trimmed at all times to a level where they don’t interfere with cars or pedestrians accessing the road or sidewalks. However there are bylaws regarding city trees. The bylaw prohibits cutting, removing, pruning or moving any city trees. Removing or penetrating the bark or attaching any object to a city tree is not allowed. Planting trees or shrubs on city land, spraying trees with any substance other than water is also an offense. Further

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Basement Rules, Measurements

A legal basement bedroom must have at least one window leading to the outside that can be opened from the inside without any tools, keys or special knowledge. These windows must be large enough for an individual to escape from a fire and to accommodate fire personnel and their protective gear. The window opening must have at least 0.35m2 (3.77 ft2 or 543 square inches) of unobstructed space and not be less than 380 mm (15 inches) on any side.

It must also have the ability to remain fully open at the 90-degree position without any support and an individual must be able to open the window without removing any sashes or hardware. Security bars can be present so long as they can be opened from the inside without any special tools or knowledge.


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Driverless car, Autonomous Car

With the coming of autonomous cars will real estate ever be the same? Autonomous cars such as the ones built by Google have been showing promise to define the future of the automotive industry. They eliminate the need for private ownership, give you extra time in your day and make the passengers life a lot easier by relieving them from taking the wheel.

What does this mean for real estate? In the future if the popularity of these cars rise we might see a whole different world; A world that is much greener and requires less parking. The car would after dropping you off; go onto another that is in need of a ride.  This passenger could be someone from your family, a friend, a cousin or someone from your neighbourhood. Today cars spent around 96% of

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