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Meeting with RealtorSometimes you’ll come across a property that is absolutely perfect in every way… except for the price. Is it better to wait for a price drop and risk losing the property, or should you seize the opportunity even if it means offering tens of thousands of dollars below their asking price? Consider the advice below to decide whether a lowball offer is the right choice in your situation.

Decide what your goals are. Why did you choose this property? Are you an investor who just wants to see how low the sellers will go? Are you truly in love with the house? Most importantly, are you prepared to lose this house if they don’t accept your offer? If not, you may want to offer closer to the price you’d be willing to pay rather than risk souring the negotiation

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picture collage wall exampleCreating an art collage feature wall isn't just a great way to add visual interest to your home--it's also a fun DIY project and a great way to express your creativity! The tips below will step you through the whole process, from brainstorming themes to hanging the final picture.   When choosing an appropriate wall for your art collage, consider a space where the art can be viewed from a distance as a collective and also up close to take in each individual piece. This factor is particularly important when creating a feature wall in a hallway, since narrow corridors don't always offer the vantage necessary to view the collection as a whole.   It is a good idea to choose a highlight or theme for the collage, such as whimsical, symmetrical,…
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police tapeWhen it comes to crime rates, Calgary has an impressive record. Major improvements in recent years have led to overall crime rates much lower than would typically be expected from a city with this size and population. In fact, as recently as 2014, Calgary was declared the safest city in all of Western Canada.

However, Calgary’s relatively low crime rates don’t mean that safety isn’t a concern for residents. In response to a survey distributed by Avenue Calgary Magazine, Calgarians rated safety as the most important quality a neighbourhood can have. It’s clear that low crime rates and a sense of security are essential factors for any Calgarian hoping to purchase a house in a new part of the city.

If these statements reflect your own priorities, you

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average energy savings by improvementSustainability, environmental awareness and energy efficiency are important considerations for many homeowners. A growing number of Canadians are choosing homes based on community walkability and access to transit. A recent study from the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) shows that 29% of Canadians renovate to increase the energy efficiency of their homes.    Renovating for increased energy efficiency can minimize utility costs in the future. According to CMHC, the best improvements for energy savings in a mid-century home are a furnace upgrade, insulation and draft proofing, and replacing windows and doors. These upgrades will not only reduce utility costs but also increase a home's comfort level by minimizing cold spots in the…
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Designer Wallpaper sample imageWallpaper is an aesthetic-defining design element. It can transform a room in a variety of ways, whether by creating a cozy atmosphere, making a bold statement, or changing the feel of a space that’s too big or too small. Debutante Design is a Calgary-based interior design company that offers a wide range of services, from room set-up to home staging. Their Designer Wallpaper division specializes in helping homeowners select the perfect wallpaper for any space. CalgaryRealEstateAdvisors.ca recently interviewed Ashley Balint, an interior designer with Debutante Design, about wallpaper trends and how this versatile material can transform a home.

Plenty of homeowners are interested in using wallpaper to create a timeless look. The process of replacing the

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You've likely heard the phrase "power of attorney" before, but you may not be familiar with precisely what it means and how it applies to real estate. Essentially, a power of attorney allows an appointed individual to sign documents on your behalf. It is commonly used for estate planning, or when an individual is either in failing health or unable to be physically present. There are two types: a general power of attorney, which covers most situations, and specific (or special) power of attorney.

 In Alberta, a specific power of attorney must be signed for each trade in real estate. This power of attorney is only in effect so long as the individual is alive and mentally competent.

 Occasionally, circumstances may arise that could cause this matter to

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