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woman at auction

On Thursday, April 14th, the city of Calgary will be holding a public auction to sell properties with over three years of outstanding tax arrears. Over 150 properties will be offered for bidding, spanning a large range of sizes, descriptions, and locations. A full list of the land parcels available for sale can be downloaded at this link. The civic address, roll number, legal description, outstanding taxes, and conditions of sale for each property are currently posted, and the reserve bids will be revealed by March 31st.

If you are planning to bid on a property, keep in mind that the land is being offered on an “as is, where is” basis. The city of Calgary will not offer any warranty to cover issues with the quality of the properties. Additionally,

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If you decide to sell your home during a down market or a buyer’s market, you want to make sure that it stands out. You want to be noticed. When buyers are looking at your home, keep in mind that they are also looking at other homes in your comparable market. They are comparing their options based on three very important factors: price, condition, and location. Based on these essential criteria, here are some helpful tips that will make you stand out against your competition. As you read them, try to put yourself in the position of the buyer and imagine what would make your home stand out to you!

Price: Setting the price according to the conditions of your local market is very important. Although it’s tempting to price your home based on the amount of

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woman signing documentSince July 2014, the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA) has required that real estate agents have a written service agreement signed with their client prior to engaging in a residential real estate transaction.

The purpose of this contract is to:

1) Clearly state the role an agent plays and the services that will be provided to the client.

2) Outline the obligations of the agent and the client.

3) Reduce any confusion or misunderstandings that may occur.

4) State the fees to be collected in writing.

5) Obtain consent to collect, use, distribute and maintain a client’s personal information.

Written service agreements are required to be signed before a client divulges any personal information about engaging in a real estate

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chart of condo and rental availability

As the above chart illustrates, there are currently several condo developments being constructed in Calgary's inner city, and a correspondingly large quantity of new units are becoming available for purchase. Although several of these projects were conceived during periods of economic strength in Alberta, they are entering the market during the significantly weaker economic climate of the present. A similar phenomenon can be witnessed in the rental market; many apartment projects with rental units are currently in the pre-construction or construction phase of development, despite the unfavourable market conditions. Both the condo and rental markets are significantly oversaturated, and the consequences could be severe.

A major factor imparting a

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expensive home

New federal rules took effect in February. Canadians purchasing homes between five hundred thousand and one million dollars will now need to put a minimum of 10% down payment on the portion of the home purchase that exceeds $500,000. Purchasers will continue to be allowed to put a minimum of 5% down payment on the first $500,000 of the property purchase price. This is a very modest increase in down payment requirement for properties at this price point. Purchases over one million dollars continue to require a minimum of 20% down payment.    This change is expected to affect Calgary less then other Canadian cities such as Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal where the average home price exceeds $500,000. In Calgary, the unadjusted benchmark price…
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Real Estate Off the Record


Are you interested in an opportunity to learn unconventional real estate advice from the experts, explore a homeowners tradeshow, and enter to win $10,000 in cash? Real Estate Off The Record: Uncensored Advice on Buying, Selling, and Investing is the event for you!

On Saturday, April 23rd, CIR Realty will be hosting Real Estate Off the Record at the International Arena in Winsport. The day will begin at 9:30 AM with a small homeowners’ tradeshow, featuring local vendors from the Best My Nest program. At 11:15, the main event kicks off: a seminar featuring unfiltered and unconventional advice about all aspects of real estate, from financing tips to home search strategies. The speakers will include Jeff Kahane from Kahane Law, Lindsey Smith from

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