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3D imaging virtual tour

There are many factors to consider when listing a property for sale. For instance, you must take careful note of the asking price, the overall condition of the home, and the current market climate. One consideration which Sellers sometimes overlook is how to best showcase the property online. A property's listing is an advertisement to potential purchasers. Highlighting the best features is key because most purchasers decide whether they like a home or not just by looking at the information provided online. Listings with multiple photos and virtual tours will get better exposure, resulting in more interest from buyers. At CalgaryRealEstateAdvisors.ca, our standard is to provide over twenty photos and a video tour if it's appropriate for the property.

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real estate decisionHave you been considering selling your home, but you're not sure if now is the right time? You are not alone. If you are considering buying or selling in 2016, there are some very important questions you should ask yourself to make an educated decision.   What are my real estate goals?
Whether you are downsizing or making your move up, a downward market is probably one of the best markets in which to take action. It's true that prices are on the low side, and, as a seller, you may be thinking that it would best to wait until prices gain momentum. However, if you purchased your current home four or five years ago, you probably didn't do so bad. Real estate is relative: buy high, sell high; buy low, sell low! If you were to put your equity into the…
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calgary busThere is currently a great deal of controversy in Calgary over the upcoming Southwest Transitway project. This week, a public meeting on the project resulted in verbal and physical assault against city staff, prompting Mayor Nenshi to cancel future face-to-face consultations in favour of town halls conducted over the internet. Such intense controversy might prompt you to wonder whether the Southwest Transitway will affect the value of your property if you live in the vicinity of a planned BRT station. At this phase in the development process, it is possible to make some predictions about the positive and negative implications of the BRT.

The most obvious positive outcome of a BRT station being constructed close to your home is the convenience in terms

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It is widely understood that the amount of property tax you must pay is dependent on the value of your home. However, the precise nature of the relationship between these two figures is not always understood. In order to understand how property taxes are calculated, you must be familiar with millage rates.

The term ‘millage’ derives from the Latin term for ‘thousandth.’ In essence, a mill is an amount equivalent to one-thousandth (0.001%) of whatever quantity is being discussed. The municipal government generates the millage rate for your area by dividing the amount of tax revenue deemed necessary in their budget by the total taxable assessment, then multiplying that figure by 1000. This process determines the millage rate, which can also be thought of

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Once you've found your perfect house, your next priority is to get the best deal possible on the property. The key to achieving this goal lies in the art of negotiation. At Calgary Real Estate Advisors, we have decades of experience negotiating real estate deals. Here is a sampling of some recent deals we've negotiated for our clients:

List Price Sale Price Percentage Saved
$879,000 $750,000 14.68%
$525,000 $450,000 14.29%
$1,350,000 $1,250,000 9.26%
$599,000 $545,000 9.02%
 $600,000  $555,000 7.50%

There are several essential techniques to deploy when negotiating in order to achieve the best results. Here are some ways to ensure you get your dream house at an

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real estate agent with coupleIn our last post in this series, we explored the responsibilities that a Buyer’s Agent has to each client. However, at Calgary Real Estate Advisors, we’re determined to go above and beyond these basic responsibilities to help our clients find the best homes available. This week, we wanted to highlight several ways in which Buyer’s Agent can exceed expectations to help their clients.


1. We can save you time by only sending you properties that fit your criteria. Did you know there are over 400 fields in our internal MLS search? This means that we can limit your search results using the criteria that you specify. Are you interested in foreclosures only? No problem, we can send just those to you. Only bi-levels with an ensuite and a double garage?

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carpenterWhether looking to buy a home or update an existing one, a finishing carpenter will be one of your most important contacts. Finishing work can define the aesthetic of a home in a beautiful and lasting way.

Some of the most impressive finishing work that I've seen has been done by Griffels Custom Finishing and Millwork. The company name is a combination and play on the name of the owner, Garon Riffel. The company motto is “your home, your design,” and it's an accurate representation of the process Griffels follows with their clients. During the initial consult, clients are asked for their input. They establish which aesthetic they prefer, with options such as traditional, transitional, or ultra modern. The current interior decor and the long term ideal

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We’ve all been hearing it on the news: Calgary's real estate is in a strong buyer's market. This is undeniably true, so why not take advantage of the lower housing prices and make your move up? Here are six excellent reasons to buy real estate in Calgary during 2016.

1. The price of homes in Calgary is down.

The prices of homes in Calgary have become very attractive to buyers. As prices continue to follow a downward trend, the prospect of purchasing a new house becomes more and more appealing.

2. It's the perfect time to "move up.”

Unless you have owned your current home for a number of years, you are likely to take a hit on the sale price of your home if you sell now. However, making your move up will save you thousands in the long run.

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furniture includedIn the resale home market, it is common to see listings advertised with the furniture included. The Seller’s motivation to include the furniture could be due to downsizing or a long distance move which would make it impossible or costly to take furniture with them. Alternatively, the offer to include furniture could be made because the items pair well with the style of the property and fit the space or were made for the home. Offers with furniture included can be appealing to buyers who find the current aesthetic desirable or who are upgrading, separating, or moving long distance. The common perception is that writing “furniture included” in your purchase contract will cover the furniture exchange. However, this wording is not a clear, correct or

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couple speaking to buyer's agentWritten by Angelique Garcia

Some people believe that it’s not necessary to use a Buyer’s Agent when purchasing in a Buyer’s market. After all, there’s plenty of inventory around and there’s not as much competition from other buyers; wouldn’t it be better to go through the listing agent in hopes of getting a huge discount? Unfortunately, while some people might find success with this method, others won’t be so lucky.

Let’s take a look at the role of the Buyer’s Agent. As a sole Agent for you, the Buyer, our responsibilities are as follows:

1)    Undivided Loyalty

2)    Confidentiality

3)    Full Disclosure

4)    Obedience

5)    Reasonable Care and Skill

6)    Full Accounting

These responsibilities are outlined in the Consumer

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