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You've met your match and you’re ready to take your relationship to the next level: moving in together! This decision will be followed by many more, including the choice of whether to move into a new home or an existing one. Can you settle the issues of location, layout, and affordability in order to minimize the amount of compromise for both partners? Is it ideal to start new together, so you can achieve a shared sense of ownership? Will compromise and equality be possible if the decision is made to move into one of the partners’ existing homes? 

This decision will have a huge impact on your relationship, so be sure to put serious thought into what's best for both partners. First, talk over the option of moving into one of the existing spaces rather

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We have an incredible new development to share with you today. This week officially marks the release of Best my Nest, a homeownership program exclusively available to clients of CIR Realty. Those who complete the free sign-up process can look forward to benefitting from the program’s three exciting features: special discounts from local stores and services, invitations to exclusive classes and seminars, and a monthly subscription to Best My Nest News.

Once you register for Best My Nest, your free VIP membership will entitle you to an enormous range of deals and add-ons offered by local businesses. A huge number of vendors have already signed up to be partners, and they represent every category related to homecare that you can imagine, from home décor

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If you're interested in buying or selling a condo unit, it is critical that you become familiar with the concept of an estoppel certificate. In essence, an estoppel certificate is a legal document which indicates whether any contributions, assessments, or fees are overdue on a condo which is passing to a new owner. The name of the document comes from the legal term “estop,” which means “to prohibit.” The estoppel certificate “estops” the seller from providing contradictory information to the buyer of the condo.

If you are buying a condo, it is critical that you obtain an estoppel certificate because any unpaid fees carry with the condo unit rather than the former owners. Therefore, if the people who previously lived in the unit have failed to pay the

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cir sold signsWhen the real estate market slows down and the number of sales decline, consumer confidence starts to decrease. This consumer skepticism tends to contribute to the weakening of the market. When the market makes a comeback, consumers feel a need to be invested and often rush to get into it. This reaction leads to an even greater upswing in the rising market. These trends create a great opportunity to invest when the market is in decline.

For most people, real estate is a long-term investment. The repetitive boom and bust cycle of Calgary's economy has left many buyers and sellers with unrealistic expectations about investing in and holding onto property. It's not ideal to buy when the market is increasing rapidly and selection is minimal. These

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aluminum foilDo you have a ton of spare aluminum foil stored up? You might not know it, but this common household item can be used for much more than just wrapping up leftovers. Here are nine ways that aluminum foil can help out with household tasks and make your life easier!

Scrub Dirty Dishes: If you regularly run into kitchen accidents, you’re probably familiar with that burnt, caked-on disaster waiting for you at the bottom of the pot. When a regular sponge won’t do, aluminum foil can come to your rescue! Simply crumple up a ball of aluminum foil and use as you would a steel wool scrubber. Be careful, though; if you wouldn’t use a steel wool scrubber on something, don’t use aluminum foil on it, either.

Keep Celery Fresher for Longer: Wrap celery in aluminum

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Currently, the Calgary real estate market is best classified as a “buyer’s market,” meaning that prices are low because the supply of properties on the market greatly exceeds the demand. As a result, many people are interested in “flipping homes”—buying houses at a discounted rate with the intention of renovating and selling them for a profit when the market strengthens. While seizing this opportunity can certainly pay off, there are several common mistakes that should be avoided in order to achieve success.

As realtors, we’re often contacted by people who have completed renovations and are ready to list their homes. When we visit the properties and perform market evaluations, our clients are sometimes surprised to find that the result is significantly

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quartz granite and marble Kitchen and bathroom renovations are high on the list of upgrades that will add value to a home. These renovations often include the option of upgrading or updating using granite, quartz or marble. Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting with Tiffiny Chine, a showroom product advisor at Western Granite. She explained the product choices, selection process, etch profile options, and warranties, as well as some tips about stone care and maintenance.    Granite is comprised of natural stones. Each piece is one of a kind, so the sample piece will be different then the piece coming into your home. The aesthetic typically varies throughout the stone, which features natural veins and mineral pockets. The lowest price point for granite is less then…
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 As of January 5th, the Calgary Real Estate Board has changed the ways in which they name and organize Calgary communities in order to align with the system used by the city of Calgary. These changes will ensure that the MLS System maintained by CREB continues to function as a reliable tool which can provide clear, consistent results to its users.

The area in which this adjustment has caused the most significant change is the organizational system used to classify Calgary's communities. Formerly, the communities were sorted into four zones based on their geographic location. Following the change, communities are now organized according to a system of districts. Each Calgary community belongs to one of eight districts: North, Northeast, East, Southeast,

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baby-proofing your homeOne common reason why people re-enter the housing market is because they are ready to upgrade to a family home. While this is an exciting time for parents, it is important to be vigilant to ensure that their new house will be a safe environment for all members of the family. When choosing a family home, the safety of children or an expected child is a key factor to consider before moving forward with a purchase.

The perceived safety of a location or area and the layout of the home will be considered first. The interior will be looked over closely. In particular, the placement of stairs, sharp corners, flooring finishes and the proximity of the master bedroom to the nursery will be considered. Here are some specific ways you can make a home safer for a

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bareland or conventional condo

The Condominium Property Act recognizes two types of condominiums: bareland and conventional. Both types operate in the same manner: owners are essentially shareholders in the condo corporation. The difference lies in how the units are divided. Bareland condos are divided into lots as opposed to units. Occasionally a condo complex will contain both types, such as those developments which include both apartments and townhouses. There are several questions which you can consider to help determine whether your property is a bareland or conventional condo.

First of all, when you purchased your property, did you receive a Real Property Report?

If not, then you may have a conventional condo. 

What type of condo is it?

 If you have an apartment

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