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Home staging is a tool used by home builders, REALTORS®, and sellers to assist in faster and more profitable real estate sales. Staging techniques are often used in shown homes and vacant homes to give potential home buyers a visual of the optimal use of the space. Staging is otherwise used in occupied properties, applying the same techniques, with an emphasis on minimizing personal items, to get the same effect.

When staging a property, furniture and accessories are selected to create a positive first impression and make the space feel larger and brighter. Items will be positioned in a way that will highlight the best features of the property and minimize the worst. Decor items will be carefully selected to be consistent with the property style or

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winterizing your calgary homeWith Thanksgiving behind us we all know it is just a matter of time before the temperature will start to drop. One thing you don't want to have to worry about is blowing out your hose bib before they freeze up for winter because today was +17 and in two weeks there will be a foot of snow (Think Halloween Night, Calgary, Alberta - Murphy's Law... right??) Winterizing your home will not only protect your investment, it will also save you money!

I have compiled a list of DIY's, call the Pro's and some fun little tips that I hope you find helpful.

1) I would start off by calling ATCO Gas. They will come out and inspect your furnace at no charge. If they find an issue and have the replacement part in their van they will replace the part for cost - how

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winter is coming to calgaryAs winter nears, the typical trend in Calgary real estate is that sales will decline. Many factors including the weather, holidays and specific criteria for families or home builders contribute to a slowdown over the winter months. These late fall and early winter markets often create valuable opportunities for purchasers.

Colder Weather Leads to Market Slow Down...

Most people don't want to view properties or move during the chilly, snowy, icy months of the winter and families usually do not want to relocate during the school year. Plus, builders choose to wait until just prior to the spring thaw before purchasing land for new developments and tend to release finished product in the spring.

It is true that there will be less on the market during

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spider-proofing your calgary homeThe Fall season is officially here: the leaves are brown, cold is in the air, UGG boots are being worn and pumpkin spice is everywhere! But with the change in temperatures comes something terrifying. Spiders. That’s right, spiders.

Spiders are one of the most feared creatures across Canada. A survey of 1,500 Canadians was conducted as part of the Canadian Cancer Society’s Fearless Challenge fundraising initiative and the results are not surprising: Spiders are #2 on the women’s list of fears (40%) and #4 on men’s (21%). Fortunately, the more dangerous spiders are not native to Calgary but it doesn’t mean we want these creepy crawlies invading our space!

What Can You Do to Protect Yourself?

Here are some tips to prevent them from taking shelter

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6 reasons you still need a calgary real estate agentThe Calgary real estate industry has changed quite a lot in the last 10 or so years; it’s certainly not the same world your parents bought their first home in.

Mobile phone apps and online real estate listings have made viewing property information quick and easy, leaving many to wonder if hiring the services of a local real estate professional is really still necessary.

Here are 6 reasons you still need a Calgary real estate agent to help you buy a home!

6 - Real Estate Agents are connected to a vast network of professionals.

A real estate agent will have years of experience in the industry, working alongside a stable of related professionals from home inspectors to mortgage lenders. Some areas prohibit real estate professionals from

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