The YYC Real Estate Advisors:
Your Calgary Real Estate Agency!


We know you came here to find out about us but for us it’s all about you, our clients. Whether you are selling a home, buying a condo or leasing retail space, your happiness and satisfaction is first in our mind. Most real estate firms pride themselves in ‘most transactions’ or ‘highest dollar volume.’ We honour our Agents for one thing: truly satisfied clients. Our pride comes from the happy Sellers and ecstatic home Buyers who continue to use our services every time they need to complete a real estate transaction and who refer us their friends and family members.


So what defines an Associate from YYC Real Estate Advisors? Well, we eat, sleep and breathe real estate. We’re not part-timers and real estate isn’t a hobby for us. We are all highly knowledgeable through formal and experience based education and fully committed to the job of actually selling your home or helping you to purchase one! You can bet that we’re not only on top of the current market conditions, but that we’re embracing the latest technologies and strategies. Our commitment to excellence begins with our Agent standards and spreads to all facets of our business.

All of our Associates are full time professionals and each of us specializes in a certain aspect of real estate. Depending on if you are buying, selling or leasing we have an Agent that’s right for you and because we work together as a team, you are paired with the Agent that is best suited to your needs based on the specific transaction, area and type of property. And that’s just the beginning …

We’re not your typical real estate team and we’re proud of it! In fact, we’ve earned our stellar reputation, by differentiating ourselves from the other guys through our diligence, professionalism and unique buying and selling strategies in an industry that tends to lack innovation. We hold true to our values, fully embrace technology and innovation, listen and communicate with our clients and raise the bar to a new level.

We’re never going to be the biggest group ... and that’s fine by us. We don’t advertise on benches or billboards and we don’t use guaranteed sold gimmicks to get your business. So if you’re looking for a company that measures its success by sheer size or number of listings we may not be the right fit. But if you're interested in working with a firm that holds its Associates to the highest standards and is on the leading edge, you've come to the right place.

There is no group in Calgary that will work harder or more professionally to get the job done. Unlike most real estate groups, we don’t take every listing or deal with every Buyer that comes our way. If we can’t help you we won’t waste your time pretending we can. We provide a level of trust, honesty, and integrity that is second-to-none. The list of accomplishments for our agents runs deep. We’re full of Award Winners and Top Producers but those achievements pale in comparison to the satisfaction we get from helping you.

And we also love what we do!

Contact us whenever you are ready to buy or sell, or Meet our Agents!